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Whatever your role is in marine sector – whether you are a ship owner, charterer, P&I Club, hull insurer, cargo owner, shipbuilder or bank – you will need advice from a maritime lawyer who understands the problems of the industry. You will certainly need a maritime lawyer to arrest a vessel for bunker claim, demurrage claim, cargo claim, general average, maritime lien or any other maritime debt. 

This website is dedicated to all clients operating in the marine sector who are looking for experienced, leading Tunisian maritime lawyer, marine law Solicitor, Advocate, Attorney, Counsels in Tunisia for a vessel arrest in Tunisia to protect his commercial interests.

As a Tunisian law firm focusing in the marine sector, Achour law firm – Maritime launched this website to help Tunisian and International clients operating the marine sector how to prevent problems as well as to help them to solve these problems. Through this specialized website, we offer to our maritime clients an overview of ship arrest practice and release in Tunisia. By this way, our clients will benefit from an independent dedicated website from which they can refer to vessel arrest and release practice in more detail.

Marine law still a main practice of Achour Law Firm – Maritime, though it has developed expertise on transportation and International Trade. For more information about us please do not hesitate to visit our official website at: www.cabinet-achour.com

Achour law firm – Maritime is well positioned to assist you and to provide you with a tailor maritime legal advice on all the legal aspects of the Tunisian shipping law. We are well positioned to serve all clientele requiring legal advice and assistance in marine sectors in all Tunisian commercial ports: Port of Bizerte, Port of Rades, Port of La goulette, Port of Sousse, Port of Sfax, Port of Gabes and Port of Zarzis. So, if you are looking for leading Tunisian maritime lawyer for a vessel arrest, bunker claim, general average, demurrage claim, cargo claim, maritime lien or any other maritime debt do not hesitate to contact us.