Vessel arrest in Zarzis port Tunisia

Zarzis port

As one of the leading Tunisian ship arrest lawyers, we operate on all Tunisian commercial ports among which Zarzis port. If you are looking for arresting a ship in Zarzis port, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Zarzis port is located in the southernmost part of Tunisia, where the diversified economic activity consists mainly in farming, fishery and aquaculture, a renowned tourist centre, an emergent industrial network, craft industries and various small-scale trades.
The Zarzis port takes charge of the commercial exchange of the region, consisting mainly in exporting sea salt and crude oil and importing pure oil products.

As leading Tunisian shipping law firm, we operate on all the Tunisian commercial ports among which the Zarzis port.

Port access in Zarzis port

  • Access channel : length of 9000 m – width of 130 m – depth of 13 m
  • Surface of man-made lake : 35 Ha
  • Mean depth of man-made lake : 12 m
  • Breakwater with a length of 1500 m.
  • Turning circle of 400 m of diameter.

The access channel

  • Length 5 miles = 9 Km
  • Depth acceptable actually 7,5 metres = 24’60’’

Support material:

  • 1 Tug boat of 1600 hp.
  • 1 Pilot boat of 300 hp.

Platforms and hangars:

  • Port enclosure: 28 hectares.
  • Port platforms: 13 hectares.
  • Hangars: 5000 m² + 4000 m².

Handling equipment:

  • 1 Moving charger for salt loading (private operators).
  • 1 Charger with conveyor belts for salt loading (private operators).
  • 2 pneumatic versatile cranes of 100 T and 150 T and forklifts of different tonnages and other various equipment (Handling Companies).

Means of access:

  • The MC road 118 leading to Medenine (65 km) and Gabes (140 km).
  • The MC road 117 leading to Jerba (50 km).
  • The MC road 109 leading to the Libyan border (75 km).

Land reserve: Zarzis port has a land reserve covering an area of 135 hectares in the port public domain, located on the West side of the harbor and bounded on the North by the city and in the South by the sea, dedicated to the establishment of projects in conjunction with port activity.

Port development strategy: The goal of the strategy planed for his port is to remotivate his activities, in the frame of looking for a possibility of a strategic partner who will operate in concession with the new economic pole of Zarzis constituted of the trade Port, park of economic activities and the future logistic area.

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