Vessel arrest in Sousse port Tunisia

Sousse port

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Located at the very centre of Tunisia, the Sousse port occupies a strategic position allowing it to dispose of a wide hinterland. The Sousse port, at 35°49′ latitude north and 10°39′ longitude east, is specialized in the handling of various goods.

Sousse or Soussa is a city in Tunisia, capital of the Sousse Governorate. Located 140 kilometres (87 miles) south of the capital Tunis, the city has 271,428 inhabitants (2014). Sousse is in the central-east of the country, on the Gulf of Hammamet, which is a part of the Mediterranean Sea. The name may be of Berber origin: similar names are found in Libya and in the south of Morocco (Bilād al-Sūs). Its economy is based on transport equipment, processed food, olive oil, textiles and tourism. It is home to the University of Sousse. Sousse is the third largest city of the country after Tunis and Sfax.

As one of the leading Tunisian shipping law firms operating on all Tunisian commercial ports, we are well positioned to arresting vessels in Sousse port.

Access to the port:

  • The maximum authorized ship length in the port is 165 meters.
  • The maximum authorized draft is 8.50 meters on the north bank and 8.20 meters on the south bank.

Piloting: Piloting is obligatory for ships with a tonnage exceeding 300 register tons

Working hours in the port: The port is open 24 hours a day; pilots and tug boats are available at any hour.

Ships out of quarantine: Off-quarantine certificates are issued at quay.

Fresh water: It is supplied at quay by means of hoses and at the request of the captain or the shipping agent.

Bunkering:  Bunkering is done by tank truck.

Location: The Sousse port is located at 15 km from the international airport of Monastir towards the South and at 150 km from the international airport of Tunis-Carthage towards the North

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