Vessel arrest in Sfax port Tunisia

Sfax port

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Sfax port is a multipurpose port. Its main traffic consists in solid bulk (phosphate and by-products, sea salt, cereals …).

Geographical situation

Distance from capital

270 Km

Technical characteristics

Total length
Port office

13 piers
2.739 m
10,50 m
(+216) 74 22 50 40



Tug boat of 3200 HP
Tug boat of 1600 HP


As one of the leading Tunisian shipping law firms operating on all Tunisian commercial ports, we are well positioned to arresting vessels in Sfax port.


The average goods traffic generated by the Sfax harbour is 5 million tons/years. The Sfax harbour offers several attractive tariff benefits for boats transporting general goods in bulk reaching up to 50% deduction for all rendered services. The Office of Merchant Navy and Harbours has also removed nights, Sundays and holidays additional charges in order to encourage the continuous round-the-clock work regime and allow for a better flow of the harbour traffic. Moreover, the nearby railway network and the close Sfax-Thyna airport (10 km away) are valuable assets making of the Sfax harbour a very modern facility.


  • Length 6,15 Km
  • Depth 10.50 metres = 34’44”

Acceptable ships in port of Sfax

  • Maximum Length 205m
  • Maximum depth for all ships 10.06 m = 33

Development strategy of the port:

The master plan (for the year 2020) recommends:

  • Redeveloping the old oil area for non-polluting activities and in harmony with TAPARURA project
  • Moving the support posts
  • Reserving a reception area for cruise passengers.

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