Ship arrest in Rades port Tunisia

Rades port

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Rades port occupies an important place in the national transport chain by virtue of its specialization in container traffic and rolling units (mainly trailer traffic). Thus, the port of Radès ensures 21% of the overall traffic, 79% of the tonnage of containerized goods, 76% of the tonnage of goods loaded in rolling units, 76% of EVP container traffic, 80% of the traffic of rolling units and 18% of the traffic of ships registered in the whole of the Tunisian commercial ports.

port of Rades serves the capital city of Tunis. Located nine kilometres southeast of the Tunisia’s largest city, much of Tunis’ harbor facilities are located in the town of Rades. Rades port lies on the Tunis canal’s southern bank, a geographical extension of the Port of La Goulette 2 kilometers to the east on Tunisia’s northeastern coast.

Rades port is home to Tunisia’s national football team who play at the 65-thousand-seat stadium in Rades port. Rades is composed of six sub-cities: Rades Medina, Rades Foret, Chouchet Rades, Rades Meliane, El Malleha, Noubout, and the Olympic City. About 75 thousand people call Rades port home, and almost four million people populate the Tunis metropolitan area.

As one of the leading Tunisian ship arrest lawyers, we operate on all Tunisian commercial ports among which Rades port. If you look for arresting a vessel in Rades port, do not hesitate to contact us.

Geographical situation

Distance from capital

Rades, Tunis
15 Km

Technical characteristics

Total length
Port office

7 piers
1.110 m
from 9,00 m to 11,50 m
(+216) 71 44 91 44



Tug boat of 3200 HP
Tug boat of 1600 HP
Mobile cranes



Located on the southern bank of the Tunis canal, the port of Rades is the geographical extension of Rades port, located on the north-eastern Tunisian coast at 36°40’ latitude and 10°10’ longitude.

The port of Rades comprises two terminals:

  •     Terminal specialized in containers and rolling units.
  •     Specialized berthes.


  • Length 3,5 miles = 6,3 Km
  • Depth 12 metres = 39’04”

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