Ship arrest in la goulette port Tunisia

La Goulette port

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La Goulette port is one of the most popular destinations in the western basin of the Mediterranean. La Goulette port is the converging point of the main Tunisian road and railroad networks. It is the outlet for a region that is the richest historically, the most diversified culturally, and the most populated, since it comprises the city and the suburbs of Tunis. In addition to its transit and cruise activities, the port of La Goulette also receives ships carrying homogeneous cargos: cars, bulk cereals, various products … However, the development plan of the port provides for its specialization as a port exclusively reserved for passenger and tourist traffic.

During the first quarter of 2012, La Goulette port recorded 103.864 passengers and 21.493 cruise tourists, an decrease of 27% in passenger and 236% in cruise passengers compared to the same period in 2011 because of the gradual return of stability Tunisian circumstances after exceptional events relating to the revolution of January 14, 2011.

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Floating platform – 30m/40m – simultaneous accosting of two ships (capacity 22T / axle).
Passengers station : change, free shop, kiosk, ticket agency.

Geographical situation



Distance from capital
La Goulette, Tunis



10 Km
Technical characteristics (north bank)

Total length


Port office
7 piers

1.090 m

9,00 m

(+216) 71 73 66 04
Technical characteristics (south bank)

Total length


Port office
5 piers

970 m

from 8,00 m to 10,60 m

(+216) 71 44 91 44
Tug boat of 3 200 HP

Tug boat of 1 600 HP


The Access Channel in La Goulette port:

  • Length 3,5 miles = 6,3 Km
  • Depth 12 metres = 39’04’’

Superstructures in La Goulette port:

  • Warehouse:35 600 m2
  • Platforms : 25 Ha
  • Dock length : 1096 ml

Administration in La Goulette port:

  • Phytosanitary control.
  • Veterinary control.
  • CERT (Telecommunication study and research centre).

Support material in La Goulette port:

  • 1 tug boat = 3200 hp
  • 1 tug boat = 1600 hp
  • 3 patrol boats
  • Dock cleaning boat “MAIN BLEUE”
  • 2 telescopic passenger gangways
  • Floating platform – 30m/40m – Simultaneous docking of two ships (capacity 22 T per axle).

Contact of La Goulette port:

  • Address : Administrative building  2060 la Goulette – Tunisie
  • Phone: (+216) 71 735 300
  • Fax:      (+216) 71 735 812
  • Maritime station: (+216) 71 735 940
  • Green Number: (+216) 80 100 228

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