Ship arrest in Gabes port Tunisia

Gabes port

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The commercial Gabes port, the activity of which is characterized by an industrial purpose, is essentially intended for the transit of chemical products on behalf of the neighboring factories set up in the industrial estate of Gabes. This bulk traffic comprises above all sulphur and ammonia for import and phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizer for export.

Gabes is one of the biggest industrial cities in Tunisia. Most industries are chemical oriented, this is why the city offers one of the best chemistry degrees in Africa from the University of Gabès. The main industries are: Cement, Chemical products, Brick Factories and Oil refinery.

The fast-growing numbers of factories has resulted in fairly serious pollution of the area and of the Gulf of Gabes. In recent years the government is working on new programs and laws to decrease the amount of pollution. Also spelt Cabès, Cabes, Kabes, Gabbs and Gaps, is the capital city of the Gabes Governorate, a province of Tunisia. It lies on the coast of the Gulf of Gabes. With a population of 152,921(census 2014) it is the 6th largest Tunisian city.

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Geographical situation

Distance from capital

406 Km

Technical characteristics

Total length
Port office

10 piers
1.700 m
from 10,50 m to 12,50 m
(+216) 75 27 07 22


Tug boat of 3400 HP
Tug boat of 1600 HP



  • Length 1,74 miles = 3,22 Km
  • Depth 13.5 metres = 44’33”

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