Ship arrest in Bizerte port Tunisia

Bizerte port

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Bizerte port lies on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea in northern Tunisia on an 8-9 kilometer channel linking Lake Bizerte with the sea.

Bizerte port is 66 kilometers north-northwest of Tunis and just 15 kilometers from Africa’s northernmost point at Cap Blanc, about 125 nautical miles east of Sicily and 110 nautical miles south of Sardinia. In 2004, over 114 thousand people called the Port of Bizerte home.

The economy of the Bizerte port is diverse, with several military bases and tourism throughout the year. Local manufacturers produce cookware, textiles, and auto parts. Other industries include fishing and agriculture. The area around the Port of Bizerte is well-known for its wonderful scenery, lush forests, and great beaches. Currently, Bizerte port is being developed as a yachting marina for Mediterranean super-yachts.

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Geographical situation



Distance from capital




71 Km

Technical characteristics

Total length


Port office

5 piers

2.030 m

from 8,50 m to 11,00 m

(+216) 72 43 17 41

Tug boat of 3600 CV

Mobile crane on rail



 The shipyard in Bizerte Port

With its four dry docks on the lake of Bizerte and their installations and access workshops spreading over 50 ha of permanent structure, about 50.000m2 of which are covered, this shipyard is called upon to play an important role in the development of naval repair and construction in the Mediterranean basin.

This shipyard has real advantages compared to the other shipyards of the northern shore of the Mediterranean, owing to its skilled labour and to widely competitive costs.

Considerable advantages in Bizerte Port 

Bizerte port is a multipurpose port with direct access to the sea and marine depths through an access channel with a depth of up to 17 meters. The average traffic of goods generated by Bizerte port amounts to 5 millions of tons per year.

Bizerte port offers very attractive advantages for carriers of non-unit general goods, proposing reductions of 50% on all services provided.

The management of Bizerte port also proceeded to the suppression of additional charges for night work and work on Sundays and during holidays and applied a reduction of 50% on the tariffs of all its handling equipment in order to encourage work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and to allow a better fluidity of the port traffic. Moreover, the proximity of the rail road network, the easy and rapid access to the motorway Tunis-Bizerte and the express way Menzel Bourguiba-Bizerte, and the proximity of the airport Tunis-Carthage (at 60 km) confer upon the site of Bizerte Menzel Bourguiba all the assets of a modern port.

Facilities in Bizerte port

In addition to the 520 linear meters of ordinary docks, Bizerte port comprises 5 docks that are specialized in the handling of hydrocarbons, cereals, steel, cement and clinker and metallurgic products …

  • Total surface area of the site: 74 Ha 39 are 57 Ca.
  • Water surface area: 161 Ha.
  • Average depth: 10m

The access to the commercial docks and to the basin of Menzel Bourguiba is by way of a channel crossed by a movable bridge and offers a passage of 75m wide with a draft of 13m. Easy access to the motorway situated at 1.5 km from the port and linking Bizerte to the rest of the country. The railroad network of the port is exclusively with normal-gauge track. It is linked to the station of the National Tunisian Railroad Company. This track gives access to the port’s hinterland.

A secured port

Bizerte port acquired important fire-fighting equipment with the presence of 2 high-sea tug boats of 3600hp each, containment material and hydrocarbon salvage equipment. Continuing training is given to port personnel so as to prepare them for rapid intervention in case of accident. Thus, and in accordance with the new IMO regulations, Bizerte port is complying with the recommendations of the ISPS code in matters of security and safety.

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